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As restrictions begin to lift here in the UK, we thought about how we could work differently yet still offer our customers the best service.


We have always offered location photography, and now continue to do so more than ever.

Are you thinking of getting the family together for a large group shot, or do you need some new images for your social media following?

Wherever you want your images taken, we are here to cater to your needs. We often travel for new and interesting images, to a location of your choice.


Recently one of our clients did just so, they asked for stunning portrait photos using the breathtaking backdrop of Lincoln city, UK.



Portrait photography, Lincoln Cathedral, UKStreet PortraitLocation portrait at the Lincoln Cathedral, UK

The results, I am sure you will agree are beautiful!

Contact us now for your perfect location portrait!


Family photographer & portrait studio Lincoln-20Family photographer & portrait studio Lincoln-20Family photographer and portrait studio located in the City of Lincoln

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Pet Photography https://www.kapturemediaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/10/pet-photography Pet Photography

What is Pet Photography?

An ever-growing and increasingly popular form of photography, a lot of people these days are looking to capture images of their furry friends. This is not an easy skill, animals can be unpredictable, fast and often not in the mood for photos, testing the skills of any professional Pet Photographer. Because of this, general pet pictures can be stagnant and forced leaving little to the imagination. As we strive to provide our clients with creative and unique images, we think outside the box when it comes to this niche style of photography. 

"pet photographer", "pet photography", photographer in Lincoln, photographer, Lincoln, UK, photography, pet, petsPet-Photographer-Lincoln 12Kapture Media Photography | Pet Photographer | Lincoln, UK

What type of Pets do you photograph?

People's pets are becoming more and more exotic, whether you have a cold-blooded animal such as a tortoise, snake or lizard, or a warmer blooded crazy friend such as a dog, cat or bunny, we are more than happy to work with all animals. Our Studio is pet friendly, and we are also available for a location or home photoshoots. We are happy to capture your pet and their cheeky face, in fact the funnier the shot the better!

Kapture Media Photography | Pet Photographer | Lincoln, UKPet Photographer in LincolnKapture Media Photography | Pet Photographer | Lincoln, UK

If you would like us to create unique and beautiful images, to capture a memory of your pet, contact us here today!


Kapture Media Photography | Pet Photographer | Lincoln, UKPet Photography BlogKapture Media Photography | Pet Photographer | Lincoln, UK

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Event Photography https://www.kapturemediaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/10/event-photography Event Photography

What is 'Event Photography'?

We believe there are two elements to event photography:

1. Planned Events

2. Local Events

Planned Events

Planned events are where you can hire our photographer, to come and shoot images and capture the event you are running. Things such as wedding anniversaries, black tie events and sporting events. For example, you may have a band with a large concert coming up, and you want to use some images for your band's website. Or, you may have an annual conference where you wish to have a 'Step and Repeat'.

What is a step and repeat?

A step and repeat is quite popular at awards and conferences, where a backdrop is provided where people can pose for individual or groups shots. The backdrop can feature sponsorship or logos from the event itself. Often used when entering the event, or inside the event itself. A photographer is hired to take photographs of the guests in front of the backdrop, where the images can be used on websites, news articles or as a form of marketing for the event itself.

"event photography", "event photographer", events, photographer, "photographer in lincoln"IMG_1907-NEC2017Event Photographer | Lincoln

Local Events

We love attending local events, capturing the atmosphere, taking candid images of people. We believe the best shots really are when the subject is unaware. Kapture Media Photography can often be found at local events such as:

  • Lincoln's Steampunk Asylum festival
  • Woodhall Spa 1940s weekend
  • Lincoln 1940s weekend
  • Lincoln Car Shows
  • Lincoln Grand Prix Festival of Cycling

When attending local events, we give our business cards, should you wish to view or buy a print of any image we have taken of you. 

"event photographer", "event photography", events, photography, photographerSteampunk Asylum 2018, Lincoln UKEvent Photographer | Lincoln


Event photography can have its challenges, often the settings are low light and attendees struggle to get a decent picture. That's why a professional photographer is often needed, we have the skills, experience and equipment to create the perfect images. Professional photographers are also able to arrive at the venue early, to capture shots of the room, the decor and table settings, ensuring all the hard work put in to the event doesn't go to waste. We can be discreet, it's important not to obstruct anyone's views, and allow people to enjoy the event without being disrupted. If you are looking for that something extra, we are also able to create books and other types of packages for you to really celebrate, reflect and remember.

If you are interested in hiring our photographer for one of your upcoming events contact us here.

"event photography", "event photographer", photography, photographer, Lincoln, event, eventsSteampunk Asylum 2018, Lincoln UKEvent Photography - Lincoln


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Frequently asked questions https://www.kapturemediaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/10/frequently-asked-questions Family Photographer & Portrait Studio, Lincoln, Kapture Media Photography - Frequently Asked Questions

In this blog we hope to answer some questions you may have been thinking about, before approaching us to book a shoot.

How long is a studio or location photography session?

The length of a session all depends on you, and as with all of our services we are willing to accommodate to get it right. You can book a session for a minimum of one hour, and the time you spend with us will be no less than what you have paid for. We could however go a little over time, but that is just because we want to make sure we have got the perfect shot!

How many people can you accommodate in your studio?

Although location shoots have no restriction, we do have a small studio we therefore usually need to limit the number of people to 6. However, if you want a larger family shot and would prefer the studio, we can take smaller group shots and stitch them together. You won't be able to tell the difference!

How many photographs do I get?

That all depends on the package you choose, and again we are willing to tailor packages to your needs. There is also the option to order additional prints directly from our website. 

If you have a Studio shoot with us, we also create a secure online folder where all of your images are kept, with a password. This means you can return as often as you like to order from our photographs.

When will my photographs arrive?

Once your session is over, our photographer will edit and upload them to the secured folder. Once this editing is complete, we email you to advise your images are ready to view. Once live, you are then able to select the images you would like to purchase, or if you have an edit request, you may contact our photographer who will amend as needed. When ordered, the photographer will sign off on the order, and you should receive the images within a few days.

When do I need to pay?

At the time of booking our photographer, we request a reservation fee. When arriving at the studio you can then pay the balance.

However, please note that all major credit cards are accepted at the Studio but a charge of 3% will be added to cover the Credit Card charges to us.

Portrait Photographer, Portait photography, Portrait, portraits, photographerPortrait Photographer image 4Portrait Photographer | Lincoln, UK

For more information, or to discuss a package please contact us here.


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The City Of Lincoln https://www.kapturemediaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/10/the-city-of-lincoln photographer, photography courses, Lincoln, Lincoln Cathedral, CathedralLincoln Cathedral by NightLincoln-Cathedral

A prime location for Kapture Media Photography - Lincoln City

We are lucky enough to be located in the old part of Lincoln City, which is home to the Lincoln Cathedral and Castle. This means we are surrounded by historic architecture, meaning there is no better place to hold a photography lesson or attend a local event for some street art!

Lincoln Cathedral history and features

Some claim that the Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in the world for around 238 years, until tragically a collapse on the central spire lost it that claimed title. The 4 remaining copies of the Magna Carta were also held within it's walls for hundreds of years until being moved to the Lincoln Castle. In this picture, you will see the public house 'Magna Carta' aptly named after this piece of history.  

If you were to enter Lincoln Cathedral, you would do well to spot 'The Lincoln Imp' a stone carving, the imp has also become mascot to Lincoln's football team Lincoln City. A team our photographer and his wife are avid followers of. 

The Lincoln Cathedral also boasts 2 Rose windows, wooden trusses, vaults, and a tower clock.

It costs £1.6 million a year to maintain, and 50 burials have been discovered since 2016.

Historic photography lessons in and around Lincoln

Our photographer offers location lessons in and around the cathedral and castle square, the beautiful landscapes from the castle tower walls, and in and around the old part of the city itself are perfect for shots like the one above. We can tailor the photography course to you, maybe you would like a nighttime shoot, or there is a particular part of the city you would like to 'focus' on. 

Contact us for more information or to book your lesson today.

Photography course, Photography courses, photographer, landscape photography, Lincoln, Lincoln CathedralLincoln CathedralInside and around Lincoln cathedral UK


For more information on courses or packages available, or to book contact us here.

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Portrait Photography | Kapture Media Photography https://www.kapturemediaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/10/portrait-photography "Portrait photographer", "Portrait photography", "photographer in Lincoln", Photographer, Lincoln, PhotographyPortrait Photographer image 20Portrait Photographer | Lincoln

The History of Portraits

Did you know that the practise of taking someone's portrait was originally used to capture a rulers face? Some of the earliest paintings discovered of people who were not rulers, came from the Greco-Roman era and were used as funeral portraits. Roman sculptures and Ancient Greece were where the art of portraits really flourished, this was the time when portraits became more realistic, and the subject was asked to pose. Then in the Middle Ages portraits were used in manuscripts, tombs and on panels. 

Introduction of Portrait photography with cameras

Portrait photography was introduced as a quicker more inexpensive way of capturing someone's image, and so, people began to enjoy hanging family portraits and portraits of their relatives around their homes. Events began to become a commemoration, where portraits were used as a way to celebrate and capture the special and momentous occasion, graduations, weddings and so on.

It is a practise people still carry out today, with more innovative and unique portraits becoming popular. Technology has come a very long way from the days when you had to sit still for a good 15 minutes, any movement meaning the image would blur. However, the principle is still the same, we want to capture moments and people, create a still of that one moment in time. To be able to look back and remember, possibly someone we love, have loved, or how we felt at that time. Some images are created for us to look back and laugh, to remember a happy day or time in ours or our families life. 

Why Portraits are important to us here at Kapture Media Photography

Whether you want a family portrait to proudly hang on the wall, or for the grandparents to have a keep sake, or to capture the awesome costume you made that took hours upon hours, our favourite thing to do, is help create those memories, and give you an image that's different, but special!

For more information on courses or packages available, or to book contact us here.


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Steampunk-Photographer https://www.kapturemediaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/9/steampunk "Portrait photographer", "Portrait photography", Lincoln, photographer, "lincoln photographer"Portrait Photographer image 2Portrait Photographer | Lincoln

You may have noticed some of our photographs feature steampunk costumes, but what is steampunk and why is it so popular?

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction, inspired by 19th century steam-powered machines, it combines design and technology, to create an aesthetically pleasing look. It can feature different eras, although the Victorian era is a common theme, and allows people to create a fantasy world.

Steampunk allows people to create and design elaborate costumes, characters and machinery. The term 'steampunk' was created by an author called K.W. Jeter in the 1980s, where he stated "Personally, I think Victorian fantasies are going to be the next big thing, as long as we can come up with a fitting collective term for Powers, Blaylock and myself. Something based on the appropriate technology of the era; like "steam-punks," perhaps...."

What do Steampunkers love about Steampunk?

People are often drawn in, with a love of DIY and craft, or 'tinkering' with the designs and machines, allowing them to be creative and unique.

Steampunk's Lincoln history

Lincoln holds it's Steampunk event 'Weekend at the Asylum' every year, now known to be the longest running festival in the world. Starting in 2009, the even it held across the city, within the cathedral quarter by the Victorian Steampunk Society. Starting originally with 432 steampunks it has now grown to around 35 to 40,000 people a day, with people attending from all over Europe.

Our love for steampunk images started initially on a visit to one of the events, where we took images in the form of 'street art'. Slowly getting to know the members and often having steampunkers visit our studio.


"portrait photographer", portraits, portrait, photographer, lincolnPortrait Photographer image 10Portrait Photographer | Lincoln

For more information on courses or packages available, or to book contact us here.

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Welcome to our new Blog https://www.kapturemediaphotography.co.uk/blog/2020/9/welcome-to-our-new-blog  

Welcome to our new photography blog!

We are on a journey, one where we want to share our unique, creative and fun photography ideas with the world. Being a local photographer and portrait studio, it's important to us that our photo shoots are candid, and different.

Why follow our blog?

If you are interested in any kind of photography then this new blog feature is perfect for you. We will be sharing our favourite photography images, providing updates on our courses and lessons, showcasing new customer costumes and our innovate portraits. it will also be a space to keep you updated on upcoming events or interesting shoots we have booked in. 

Today's blog though, is about family photography.

Children have the most inventive minds, as do some of our customers. Here at Kapture Media Photography, we know how important it is to avoid run-of-the-mill shots, our clients are often looking for something different. There are many ways to have your photo shoot stand out, unusual locations, props etc. But to us, the most successful images we have taken, are when the object of focus was unaware.

A Kapture Media Photography photoshoot

When you come for a photo shoot with us, you need to consider what it is you want from the images we create.

What is the emotion or essence of the shoot that you really want to portray in your final images?

What do you want from the whole experience?

What are your families interests and hobbies, to make it enjoyable for the kids?

If we know the answer to the above questions we can help you sculpt and create the perfect final image.

And, so to close today's blog, we leave you with one of our favourite images from in the studio, one that shows the captured expressions, caught off guard, to really encapsulate the whole feeling of the session.

Family photographer studio shoot in Lincoln  | Kapture Media PhotographyLincoln Family Photographer-2Family photographer studio shoot in Lincoln | Kapture Media Photography

For more information on courses or packages available, or to book contact us here.



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