Frequently asked questions: 

In The Studio:

How long is the studio session?

This depends on you, you can book a session for a minimum of one hour.

Your time in the studio will be no less than you have booked and paid for, but the photographer could go a little over time due to circumstances beyond his control.

How many people can come?

We have a small studio,  so we limit the number to max 6 people. But if you have a larger group we can shoot small groups and stitch them together into one large group later, or alternatively we go on a location shoot. ( this is slightly more expensive )

Is the studio insured?s 

Yes, our studio is fully insured and Alan holds an enhanced CRB certificate for working with children.

When do I need to pay?

At the time of booking, you will be asked for a reservation fee, when you arrive at the studio you pay the balance. (please note in order to keep cost down you can pay by cheque or cash no debit/credit cards can be taken at the studio)

How many photographs do I get?

That depends on your package, if you select one of our popular packages then you get what is included in that package, you can, however, choose additional prints directly from our website.

If you just book a studio session, then you order the prints online from your secure gallery. (you only buy the prints you like)

When do I get my Picture(s)?

Once your studio session has finished, your photographs will be edited and uploaded to a secure gallery. Then you will receive an email telling you your photographs are ready to view. After looking at your pictures and selecting the ones you require, simply make a selection and buy them immediately or if any alterations need attention just send us a list. ( all explained online ). 



How many photographs will I get?

Unless stated elsewhere we don't number the photographs in the wedding package details. This is simply because we don't limit the number of images that you can have. we usually, take in excess of 250 individual images.* (i.e. not including repeats/duplicates)

This bespoke service takes up many hours, using professional editing software to bring out the best in each photograph on your behalf.

* This quantity of images is intended as a guide only. The actual number of images is variable due to the unique nature of your special day.

Why choose a professional photographer? 

Your wedding is probably going to be the most expensive party you will ever have, and it may be tempting to cut back on a few “luxuries” like hiring a professional photographer. 

But is it really a luxury and can you afford not to?

It all about value, how much are you spending on everything else? From the flowers, cake, to the venue? Do you want to remember these expensive items properly? If you are spending hundreds on items that only lasts a few hours, then how much do you value a set of photographs that will be treasured for the rest of your life?

You will remember your wedding day through your photos in the years to come, do you want an OK set of memories or do you want a great set of memories? 

Would you like your wedding photos presented in a bespoke professionally finished albums/storybook? Then contact us now.

Sample DVD Slide Show:   

 Click Here

This example DVD Slide Show is a small indication of what we can do for you, for copyright reasons these are short clips.

We would encourage you to select and supply your own music as this is personal to you and avoids any copyright issues. 



What is digital imaging photography?

Many cameras nowadays are digital, however digital imaging does not just involve taking photographs. There is lots of software now designed to manipulate or enhance images, this enables a raw photograph to be given the final desired result, one that is visually pleasing. Photography and digital imaging are two separate things. Here at Kapture Media Photography we use a variety of techniques, software, and tools to create the perfect image for you. We believe that photography is not only an art form but that your desired result is of the utmost importance.