Kapture Media Photography intermediate DSLR 1DayCourse (Menu’s & Lenses) Part 1 Syllabus








 Welcome & Summary of the previous course

10.30 -11.00

 Brief recap of previous Course.


 Camera Menu’s:

Looking at the menu system / what it does

Why we change them

Making changes to our settings

Advantages / Disadvantages


Making a New Folder on SD card / why?

Back button focus / what it is and why?

Manual focus / Auto Focus




Lecture &  some Practical

11.00 -11.30






Looking at different lenses

See how the Choice of Lens affects our image.

Make the right choice for the right situation


11.30 -1.00

Practical photographic section

Photographing in a Studio / outdoor location.

How to set our camera up for the correct exposures by using both manual and automatic settings on your camera

Practical session in the Studio with tuition

1.00 - 1.30






1.30 -3:30

Location shoot 

Photographing the Subject in local area

How to compose the Subject, selecting the best location, using different lenses to achieve an alternate look


Practical session in local area with tuition

3:30 - 4.00

Summary of the day with questions and answers