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free accessible photography tips & tricks, online photography lessons for your mobile phone or tablet


Welcome to our new free photography videos, ideal for learning something new whilst in lockdown. Take incredible images and photos from the garden, around the house or on your permitted exercise walks, whilst social distancing. This collection of short video's will enable you to get the most from your mobile device or tablet, whether that be an iPhone or an android device.


These short videos have been designed to help you get the best imagery and photos with a handy device, giving instant results.

Follow our managing director and photographer Alan Taylor as he talks through his tips & tricks to transform your digital images... absolutely free!


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Online photography, tips & tricks, mobile phone, photography, Lincoln, UK.Photography lessonsOnline photography tips & tricks for mobile photography, Lincoln, UK.


*Tip Of The Day*

Funny Faces



Abstract Book Pages




Backlighting & Lens Flare


Panoramic fun


Plain Background


Forced Perspective


Water Droplet Abstract


Shape & Form




Sunlight Vs Shade


Bubble Photography


Simple Editing


Focus & Exposure

Focus & ExposureMobile photography tips & tricks


Locking Focus


The Grid


Shutter Buttons


Freeze Action / Splash Photography


Zoom - Close Up






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