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The History of Portraits

Did you know that the practise of taking someone's portrait was originally used to capture a rulers face? Some of the earliest paintings discovered of people who were not rulers, came from the Greco-Roman era and were used as funeral portraits. Roman sculptures and Ancient Greece were where the art of portraits really flourished, this was the time when portraits became more realistic, and the subject was asked to pose. Then in the Middle Ages portraits were used in manuscripts, tombs and on panels. 

Introduction of Portrait photography with cameras

Portrait photography was introduced as a quicker more inexpensive way of capturing someone's image, and so, people began to enjoy hanging family portraits and portraits of their relatives around their homes. Events began to become a commemoration, where portraits were used as a way to celebrate and capture the special and momentous occasion, graduations, weddings and so on.

It is a practise people still carry out today, with more innovative and unique portraits becoming popular. Technology has come a very long way from the days when you had to sit still for a good 15 minutes, any movement meaning the image would blur. However, the principle is still the same, we want to capture moments and people, create a still of that one moment in time. To be able to look back and remember, possibly someone we love, have loved, or how we felt at that time. Some images are created for us to look back and laugh, to remember a happy day or time in ours or our families life. 

Why Portraits are important to us here at Kapture Media Photography

Whether you want a family portrait to proudly hang on the wall, or for the grandparents to have a keep sake, or to capture the awesome costume you made that took hours upon hours, our favourite thing to do, is help create those memories, and give you an image that's different, but special!

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