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A prime location for Kapture Media Photography - Lincoln City

We are lucky enough to be located in the old part of Lincoln City, which is home to the Lincoln Cathedral and Castle. This means we are surrounded by historic architecture, meaning there is no better place to hold a photography lesson or attend a local event for some street art!

Lincoln Cathedral history and features

Some claim that the Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in the world for around 238 years, until tragically a collapse on the central spire lost it that claimed title. The 4 remaining copies of the Magna Carta were also held within it's walls for hundreds of years until being moved to the Lincoln Castle. In this picture, you will see the public house 'Magna Carta' aptly named after this piece of history.  

If you were to enter Lincoln Cathedral, you would do well to spot 'The Lincoln Imp' a stone carving, the imp has also become mascot to Lincoln's football team Lincoln City. A team our photographer and his wife are avid followers of. 

The Lincoln Cathedral also boasts 2 Rose windows, wooden trusses, vaults, and a tower clock.

It costs £1.6 million a year to maintain, and 50 burials have been discovered since 2016.

Historic photography lessons in and around Lincoln

Our photographer offers location lessons in and around the cathedral and castle square, the beautiful landscapes from the castle tower walls, and in and around the old part of the city itself are perfect for shots like the one above. We can tailor the photography course to you, maybe you would like a nighttime shoot, or there is a particular part of the city you would like to 'focus' on. 

Contact us for more information or to book your lesson today.

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Jeanette Findlay(non-registered)
Just finished an 8 week course with Alan. It was a delight to get out and about with Alan, who patiently and generously shared his knowledge and great tips to help me develop my photography skills. Would recommend his informal but friendly lessons, as he gets you practicing with your camera immediately, throwing in some technical info without overwhelming you. Thanks Alan, see you in the spring for another course.
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